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Stream Line - cloud & boundary layer 
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Stream LinePro - Boundary layer profiler Stream LineWind-Pro - mast replacement wind profiler Stream LinePro-Lo - Mast replacement and more Stream LineXR - long range Doppler LiDAR

The StreamLineWind-Pro Doppler LiDAR system is designed to meet the needs of short range mast replacement applications. It has no moving parts, consumes less than 65 Watts under normal conditions and has the ability to output very high resolution wind profiles.
- Field deployable
- No moving parts
- Turn key operation
- Eye safe (Class 1M)
- <65W at 24V DC
- Scan configuration options
   - Conventional VAD
   - VAD + vertical
   - Horizontal arc
- Data logged to solid state hdd
- UDP data broadcasting
- Can be deployed in ambient operating temperatures of -50șC to +42șC
- GPS for time syncing etc.
- Telescopic met mast for logging local temperature, pressure and humidity.
- IP66
- UPS module
- No assembly required
- Email alerts
- Tip/tilt logged for each ray
- 250m range - 100 heights
- Choose any combination of measurement heights from 5 to 100.
- Heights at 2.6m intervals
- Low power, air cooled
- Extended temperature option
- Data logged in ASCII
- Flexible software
- Win7 or XP
- Patent protected rain/snow guard
- Remote monitoring/control 
The Stream LineWind-Pro unit is an autonomous, turn-key LiDAR system incorporating an internal scanner housed in an environmental enclosure.

The internal scanner gives the option for multiple scan orientations. If a vertical beam is needed, then this can also be accommodated. The GPS module ensures that the measurement time stamps are synchronised to UTC, and the telescopic mast records the local temperature, pressure and humidity. The software will begin measuring 2 minutes after power is applied, and will ensure that the system is gracefully shut down in the event of a sustained power cut. Email alerts can be enabled to warn of power cuts, low storage space, auto-starting etc. The patented window cover will keep the optical window clear of snow, rain, condensation and ice ensuring maximum data availability under harsh conditions.

The screenshot (right) shows the wind profiling software displaying a very high resolution wind profile consisting of 100 separate heights corresponding to 250m. This display is updated every 2 seconds. A 4-point VAD scan was performed.

Our Wind profiling Stream Line systems and the wind power targeted Galion systems have always included a vertical ray by default in the VAD scan arrangement. The Wind-Pro also has the option to provide a vertical ray if required. 


The screen shot above shows the setup tab of the software. It is possible to choose the acquisition time per ray, how often VAD processing is performed as well as the number of heights to log. The ability to choose specific heights from 5 to 100 is available.

UDP data broadcasting allows data to be sent to any IP address, which can be a useful way to both monitor the system, and to transfer the data. 

10-minute averaged data are output as standard, and real-time filtering can be applied to reduce the inclusion of poor quality data. The system saves all of the raw line-of-sight data as well, allowing subsequent post-processing to be performed if needed. 

The tip/tilt sensor can be used to level the system, and is also logged for every ray that is collected and used to correct the line of sight data.

The graph below shows a ten day, ten-minute averaged wind direction comparison between a WindPro and a Pro-Lo system. Below that, is the corresponding 50m height horizontal wind speed comparison.



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