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Stream Line - cloud & boundary layer 
Research LiDAR

Stream LinePro - Boundary layer profiler Stream LineWind-Pro - mast replacement wind profiler Stream LinePro-Lo - Mast replacement and more Stream LineXR - long range Doppler LiDAR

The StreamLinePro-Lo Doppler LiDAR system is suited to low level wind profiling, and incorporates the same proven optical arrangement and components as used in our other systems. 
- Field deployable
- Turn key operation
- Eye safe (Class 1M)
- 24V DC
- Power consumption <70W
- UDP data broadcasting
- Email alerts
- Fast internal scanner
- GPS option for time syncing etc.
- Optional met mast
- IP66
- 250m range
- Elevation angle range 65 to 90
- Low power, air cooled
- Extended temperature option
- Data logged in ASCII
- Flexible software
- Win7 or XP
- Heated window blower
- Remote monitoring/control 

Typical applications:
- Wind profiling
   -Nuclear power stations
   -Offshore platforms
   -Wind power
     -Nacelle mount
     -Wind resource

The Stream LinePro-Lo unit is an autonomous, turn-key LiDAR system incorporating an internal scanner housed in an environmental enclosure.

The heated air blower keeping snow off the output window.

The fast moving internal scanner gives a field of regard of 65 to 90 in elevation at any azimuth angle. The data acquisition software allows 4 to 360 point VAD scans of selectable elevation angle + vertical.

The screenshot (right) shows the wind profiling software displaying a high resolution wind profile consisting of 100 separate heights - 250m. This display is updated every 2 seconds. A 16-point VAD scan + vertical ray was performed.

Our Wind profiling Stream Line systems and the wind power targeted Galion systems have always included a vertical ray by default in the VAD scan arrangement.


The software allows UDP data broadcast, email alerts and selectable observation heights. A GPS module can be added to provide position information and for use with time synchronisation.

There is also the option to add a met mast, which will monitor the local temperature, pressure and humidity.

The graph below shows a ten day, ten-minute averaged wind direction comparison between a WindPro and a Pro-Lo system. Below that, is the corresponding 50m height horizontal wind speed comparison.



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