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Stream Line - cloud & boundary layer 
Research LiDAR

Stream LinePro - Boundary layer profiler Stream LineWind-Pro - mast replacement wind profiler Stream LinePro-Lo - Mast replacement and more Stream LineXR - long range Doppler LiDAR

The StreamLinePro Doppler LiDAR system is suited to boundary layer profiling, and incorporates the same proven optical arrangement and components as used in the the larger Stream Line system. 
- Field deployable
- Turn key operation
- Eye safe (Class 1M)
- 24V DC
- Modular construction
- UDP data broadcasting
- GPS option for time syncing etc.
- Optional met mast
- Optional de-polarisation mode
- IP66
- 10km range
- Overlapping range gate option
- 100% duty cycle to 10km
- 3200 range gates at 100% duty
- Elevation angle range 70 to 90
- Low power, air cooled
- Extended temperature option
- Data logged in ASCII
- Flexible software
- Win7 or XP
- Heated window blower
- Remote monitoring/control 
- Scan scheduling

Typical applications:
- Cloud studies:
- Wind profiling
- Air quality monitoring
- Pollution dispersion
- Wind shear monitoring
- Boundary layer meteorology

- Airports:
- Wind profiles
- Cloud base mapping
- Visibility

- University research:
- PBL mapping
- Eddy dissipation rate
- Cloud research
- Water/ice discrimination

- Environmental monitoring:
- City pollution mapping
- Air quality assessment
- Pollution dispersion

- Meteorology:
- Wind profiling
- Visibility
- Boundary layer mixing height
- Scanning ceilometer

The Stream LinePro unit is an autonomous, turn-key LiDAR system incorporating an internal scanner housed in an environmental enclosure.

The internal scanner gives a reduced field of regard of 70 to 90 in elevation at any azimuth. The flexible data acquisition software allows VAD scans, DBS wind profiles, staring and arbitrary scans to be scheduled. The further wind profiling software allows 4 to 360 point VAD + vertical scans, with an update every 2 seconds at all heights - which could be up to 3200 heights.

The screenshot (right) shows the wind profiling software displaying a very high resolution wind profile consisting of 380 separate heights - 1km. This display is updated every 2 seconds. A 16-point VAD scan + vertical ray was performed.

Our Wind profiling Stream Line systems and the wind power targeted Galion systems have always included a vertical ray by default in the VAD scan arrangement.


The screen shot above shows the display from the scan scheduled software. The system has been scheduled to stare vertically for the majority of the time, and performs a VAD scan and a DBS type wind profile every few minutes.

The software allows UDP data broadcast, and logging to the embedded controller, or to an attached or LAN connected drive. A GPS module can be added to provide position information and for use with time synchronisation.

There is also the option to add a met mast, which will monitor the local temperature, pressure and humidity.


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